Letter from the President


How appropriate that our annual Hanukkah newsletter coincided with Thanksgiving this year! The Festival of Lights, culminating in the rededication of a most holy place, calls on each of us to rededicate ourselves to all that brings holiness to our world, including showing respect and compassion toward others, and giving and helping our fellow travelers on life’s journey. Here at MYRIAM’S DREAM, we believe there is no better way to express an “attitude of gratitude” than to give of our time and our resources to help those not as fortunate as we are.

As you can see from the description of our latest grantees, MYRIAM’S DREAM continues to join hands with those around the world who are dedicated to improving the lives of elderly and disabled Jews. Unfortunately, donations have not been robust in recent years, so we have not been able to respond in the manner we would like to all those requesting our assistance for their essential programs. With your generous help now, we will be able to make a difference in many more lives when we distribute grant money at Pesach. As we count our blessings this holiday season, we at MYRIAM’S DREAM ask that you rededicate yourself to helping others.

Join us in sharing our collective good fortune with those around us.

Wishing you and yours good health, happiness and peace in the coming year,

Linda S. Kantor, president
     for the Board of Directors

2013-14 Grants by Myriam’s Dream

CLICK – Community Leadership in Innovation for the Elderly – is located in Hod HaSharon, a municipality close to Tel Aviv. CLICK provides vocational, educational, social and cultural services to the aged.. Each senior engages in new activities that allow him/her to feel productive and a part of a larger and vibrant community.

DIPLOMAT HOTEL – replace isolation with activity, provide medical essentials
Built as a luxury hotel in the early days of the State of Israel near the center of Jerusalem, this aging institution was converted to a home for the elderly. Most of the residents are immigrants from the former Soviet Union who made aliyah in the 1990’s. Arriving with few resources and having few options to create a new life for themselves in their latter years, these olim find themselves without sufficient resources to manage their health and medical needs. Through the efforts of volunteers, residents are provided with additional resources to supplement their diets and medical needs.

ACTION FOR POST SOVIET JEWRY – clothes, fresh food, medical & health supplies
Providing resources for elderly Jews who are living and surviving amongst some of the harshest conditions in the Ukraine and other regions within the former Soviet Union is key to the mission of MYRIAM’S DREAM. The APSJ has long shared this mission by locating individuals throughout the community who serve as emissaries to locate those who are forced to live on the meager funding provided to pensioners. Through the funding provided by MYRIAM’S DREAM, elderly throughout the region receive medical supplies and food packages.

BEIT FRANKFORTER – Sandwiches from Grandma
Every child deserves a healthy lunch during the school day and summer recess. 14 schools and more than 450 children in and around Jerusalem are recipients of daily and weekend lunches, 500 sandwiches and fruits made by the hands of volunteer Beit Franforter elders.

MYRIAM’S DREAM BOOKBINDERY for schoolbooks and prayer books
We have long valued the place of actual books in our schools and synagogues across the continent. Maintaining the quality of the book covers and bindings has become the mission of a group of senior volunteers who devote hours to restoring volume after volumes that are sent to the Bookbindery. Using their outstanding skills in their small workshop along the New Jersey shore, the elders refurbish books in all conditions. Children from schools in the area frequently visit.

VINNITSA – food and medicines for homeboundVinnitsa
Founded in 1363, the city of Vinnitsa is about 160 miles west of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and has a current population of almost 400,000. During the Holocaust, the Nazis slaughtered 28,000 and virtually wiped out the Jewish community. After World War II, the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) helped fund the rebuilding of the Jewish Community Center and the regrowth of the Jewish population. When JDC withdrew its financial support about a decade ago, one resident – Gregory Shmulevitch – who was acquainted with the work of MYRIAM’S DREAM, volunteered to organize a project consistent with MDI’s mission. Thus, in 2005 Gregory quickly identified a group of 20-25 elderly homebound Jewish neighbors and began to deliver desperately needed food and medicines. Today in Vinnitsa, Gregory has doubled his clientele and expanded his program as well.

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Dear Friends of Myriam’s Dream

The “Great Recession” has its impact on people all over the world; but none feel the pain more than the elderly who live on the edge of life in Israel and Eastern Europe. As resources shrink and prices rise, the needs of the elderly increase unbelievably.

Photo of meal preparation for the homelessMYRIAM’S DREAM reaches a small number of these people when they are in the greatest need. Through our volunteer emissaries who travel or live in Eastern Europe and via organizations in Israel, we have been able to offer significant assistance. Our work, however, is dependent on you who provide us with the funding to offer medicines and food to elderly Jewish men and women who live in such poverty that they often do not know where their next meal is coming from.

MYRIAM’S DREAM supports projects in Israel that bring elderly people out of their homes to meet and enjoy a hot meal. When these elderly men and women are together, they prepare meals for children who lack the resources for lunch in their schools. They work on craft projects which are shared with children in their neighborhoods and shelters. Like our work in Eastern Europe, when elders are too fragile to leave their homes, they receive a visit and delivery of meals.

Photo of child and senior citizen artisans

As you can see from the grant sites selected, many of the programs that receive grants from MYRIAM’S DREAM promote the interaction between the generations. Just as Myriam first brought Israeli schoolchildren to see elderly Israeli citizens at work repairing damaged schoolbooks, so does MYRIAM’S DREAM continue to seek ways to bridge the gap between old and young. At a time when many elderly people are legitimately afraid to venture too far from the security of their homes, it is even more critical to provide safe havens in their neighborhoods where all share Myriam’s dream of intergenerational understanding.

MYRIAM’S DREAM is careful to monitor the work of all of our grantees. As we are a totally volunteer organization, our only expenses are fundraising efforts through two mailings each year.

We depend on our donors who have been extremely generous through the years, enabling us to distribute more than $1,000,000 to support these important organizations that aid the elderly. This was the dream of Myriam Mendilow when she established her first workshop in Jerusalem and it continues to be our dream as we spread her vision throughout the world.

We hope you will join with us.

Photo a Elderly ladies making bread.

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