Letter from the President


How appropriate that our annual Hanukkah newsletter coincided with Thanksgiving this year! The Festival of Lights, culminating in the rededication of a most holy place, calls on each of us to rededicate ourselves to all that brings holiness to our world, including showing respect and compassion toward others, and giving and helping our fellow travelers on life’s journey. Here at MYRIAM’S DREAM, we believe there is no better way to express an “attitude of gratitude” than to give of our time and our resources to help those not as fortunate as we are.

As you can see from the description of our latest grantees, MYRIAM’S DREAM continues to join hands with those around the world who are dedicated to improving the lives of elderly and disabled Jews. Unfortunately, donations have not been robust in recent years, so we have not been able to respond in the manner we would like to all those requesting our assistance for their essential programs. With your generous help now, we will be able to make a difference in many more lives when we distribute grant money at Pesach. As we count our blessings this holiday season, we at MYRIAM’S DREAM ask that you rededicate yourself to helping others.

Join us in sharing our collective good fortune with those around us.

Wishing you and yours good health, happiness and peace in the coming year,

Linda S. Kantor, president
     for the Board of Directors