David B. Salzman

David B. Salzman, who served as Grants Chair of MYRIAM’S DREAM since its inception, died on April 14th in Sarasota, Florida where he made his winter home. Dave always devoted extra energy to organizations which provided services for the elderly. On his first trip to Israel in 1984, Dave spent a day with Myriam Mendilow and soon-to-be Rabbi Les Bronstein and his wife, Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller, founding members of the singing group, BEGED KEFET. Dave became enamored with Myriam’s dedication to Jerusalem’s poor and handicapped.

Myriam Mendilow’s personal dream was to replicate the kind of work she did in Jerusalem throughout Israel and the world, hence the founding of MYRIAM’S DREAM upon her death in 1989. Dave spent many hours communicating with grant applicants and evaluating their applications, making grant recommendations to those organizations which walked most closely in Myriam’s footsteps. His rational communicating skills and passionate dedication to the cause will be greatly missed by the Board of Directors and grantees of MYRIAM’S DREAM.

All of us who have toiled in Myriam’s vineyard know that our crop was not grapes but rather, it was grants – grants that kept her Dream alive. Thus, as our Grants Chair, Dave was not only the heart of MYRIAM’S DREAM, but to the recipients of our grants in Israel and elsewhere, he was the face and voice of MYRIAM’S DREAM. Many of them knew us only through him and we were proud that it was so. Whether our friendship with Dave was decades long, or only a few years, it was a blessing for which we are grateful, now and always. Shalom, our friend.