CLICK AND SAVI: Intergenerational Cooperation

“DEMENTED, LONELY, MISERLY, ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE”…these were some of the associations raised by elementary school youth in a cross-generational survey done by CLICK, non-profi t senior centers in Hod Hasharon, Israel. We learned that children tend to describe the elderly as sad, depressed and close to death. This is also what Myriam Mendilow learned in the 1950s when she was an elementary school teacher in Jerusalem. For that reason Myriam created for the indigent elderly a series of sheltered workshops with many intergenerational associations.

Myriams Dream photoToday we continue Myriam’s work: to find organizations which replicate Myriam Mendilow’s dream. CLICK in Israel follows directly in Myriam’s footsteps. With the help of partners in the Diaspora, CLICK created an innovative vocational center which provides work-related projects for the elderly and for the home-bound.

At SAVI, a small handicraft-manufacturing factory at CLICK, the elderly assemble colorful kits to make hand puppets, fi nger puppets, dolls, mobiles, bags and felt boards. The manufacturing of these kits, which are sold commercially, provides work and daily contact with youth visitors — which ease the poverty of the elderly and keeps them physically and mentally active.