Thanks From Our Grantees

Capetown: “The new stove which you provided is in constant good use. Your support has mad a significant difference in the lives of our seniors…. Our deepest appreciation for the generosity of Myriam’s Dream.”

Jerusalem: “The parcels of pesach food were delivered to hundreds of needy elderly, providing the basic necessities not available to them.”

Bacca, Jerusalem: “Your support of our increasing number of frail elderly has allowed us to continue our specialized programs to prevent functional decline and diminish sporadic memory loss.”

Prague: “The elderly ladies are so happy making the kippot for you and knowing they will go to young people all over America.”

Hod Hasharon: “Many community needs are hidden from view – and you have helped CLICK provide both an elderly day center and enabled work projects for the elderly from local factories.”

Latvia: “The elderly have been cooking hot meals for the elderly who cannot come to ‘Myriam’s Kitchen’ – – and we all say, Thank You, Thank You.”

Haifa: “To enable the elderly to stay in their homes as long as they can. . . or, the clubs for blind elderly.”

Ukraine: “Thank you for giving us the means to distribute food and medicine to the poor elderly Jews who survive in our region.”

Eilat: “Because we absorb large numbers of elderly immigrants, as well as an aging population from the earlier waves of immigrants in the 1940’s and 50’s, Myriam’s Dream has helped the elderly to express crafts, cooking and music/dance from their former countries. The Ethiopian Moadon serveds 30 elderly and more than 25 children in your intergenerational program. The folklore group, in particular folk dancing, is a healthy and popular expression of costumes, narration and performance.”