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Volunteer Opportunities – Beit Frankforter

Beit Frankforter – (Jerusalem area in Bacca section) Contact person: Sheila Becker (PR) or, Ms. Sima Zini, Director Beit Frankforter, Jerusalem Center for the Aged 80 Beit Lechem Road, POB 10074 Jerusalem 91100 ISRAEL Telephone: 02-6718-865 Fax: 02-6714-848

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Volunteer Opportunities – Mate Yehuda

Mate Yehuda Regional Center – (located near Beit Shemesh and the wonderful caves) Contact person: Ruth Yanay Even Ha’Ezer Center for the Elderly Mobile Post Shimshon 99700 ISRAEL Telephone: 02-641-6627 Fax: 011-972-2-9900-902

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Volunteer Opportunities – CLICK

CLICK – (Tel Aviv area in Hod Hasharon, 1/2 hour north) CLICK welcomes visitors to see first hand its various community programs and to hear about interesting volunteer options. Contact person: Linda Mosek Director P.O. Box 6337 Hod Hasharon 45241 ISRAEL Telephone: 972-9-7414974 Fax: 972-9-7414974 E-mail: linda@roshhelp.co.il

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