Sandwiches from Grandma

Due to the depressed economic situation of many families, we know there are many disadvantaged children who arrive at school without a morning sandwich. The grandmothers of Beit Frankforter will arrive at sunrise each morning to make 500 sandwiches for the junior children who attend the local schools. We need sponsors who will donate $6 a month/child. $60 will support one child for the school year.

Sandwiches from Grandma photo

Eilat Children, Elders and Soldiers

Retirees interaction with soldiers – The army has a project for interaction between elderly in Eilat and soldiers at nearby bases. Each day 8 retirees are taken by a minibus to a base where they talk to the soldiers, help them with little things like sewing buttons on uniforms, etc. and they share a lunch at the base with the soldiers. It’s a very successful project, partly because the elderly and the soldiers enjoy each others’ company.

Financial assistance to elderly dental care – Many elderly Ethiopians suffer from dental problems. The minimal health care which the needy elderly receive covers only the extraction of bad teeth, but not the replacement. We wish to begin assisting the elderly men and women with replacement of bad teeth, which would help their health and nutrition.

CLICK AND SAVI: Intergenerational Cooperation

“DEMENTED, LONELY, MISERLY, ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE”…these were some of the associations raised by elementary school youth in a cross-generational survey done by CLICK, non-profi t senior centers in Hod Hasharon, Israel. We learned that children tend to describe the elderly as sad, depressed and close to death. This is also what Myriam Mendilow learned in the 1950s when she was an elementary school teacher in Jerusalem. For that reason Myriam created for the indigent elderly a series of sheltered workshops with many intergenerational associations.

Myriams Dream photoToday we continue Myriam’s work: to find organizations which replicate Myriam Mendilow’s dream. CLICK in Israel follows directly in Myriam’s footsteps. With the help of partners in the Diaspora, CLICK created an innovative vocational center which provides work-related projects for the elderly and for the home-bound.

At SAVI, a small handicraft-manufacturing factory at CLICK, the elderly assemble colorful kits to make hand puppets, fi nger puppets, dolls, mobiles, bags and felt boards. The manufacturing of these kits, which are sold commercially, provides work and daily contact with youth visitors — which ease the poverty of the elderly and keeps them physically and mentally active.

David B. Salzman

David B. Salzman, who served as Grants Chair of MYRIAM’S DREAM since its inception, died on April 14th in Sarasota, Florida where he made his winter home. Dave always devoted extra energy to organizations which provided services for the elderly. On his first trip to Israel in 1984, Dave spent a day with Myriam Mendilow and soon-to-be Rabbi Les Bronstein and his wife, Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller, founding members of the singing group, BEGED KEFET. Dave became enamored with Myriam’s dedication to Jerusalem’s poor and handicapped.

Myriam Mendilow’s personal dream was to replicate the kind of work she did in Jerusalem throughout Israel and the world, hence the founding of MYRIAM’S DREAM upon her death in 1989. Dave spent many hours communicating with grant applicants and evaluating their applications, making grant recommendations to those organizations which walked most closely in Myriam’s footsteps. His rational communicating skills and passionate dedication to the cause will be greatly missed by the Board of Directors and grantees of MYRIAM’S DREAM.

All of us who have toiled in Myriam’s vineyard know that our crop was not grapes but rather, it was grants – grants that kept her Dream alive. Thus, as our Grants Chair, Dave was not only the heart of MYRIAM’S DREAM, but to the recipients of our grants in Israel and elsewhere, he was the face and voice of MYRIAM’S DREAM. Many of them knew us only through him and we were proud that it was so. Whether our friendship with Dave was decades long, or only a few years, it was a blessing for which we are grateful, now and always. Shalom, our friend.

Books Falling Apart!

Myriam's Dream Book Bindery photoMyriam’s Dream Bookbindery is busy this summer working on two big projects. The fi rst consists of 150 “Likrat Shabbat” prayer books for a synagogue in Yardley, PA. The books will receive new covers imprinted in English and Hebrew, the pages will be trimmed, the dog ears removed and dedication stickers inserted in each repaired book.

The second project is 200 Math, Algebra and Science text books for the Brigantine, NJ middle school. The books will receive new covers, titles on the cover in English, pages trimmed and dog ears removed.

The above typical projects are books falling apart and in need of Myriam’s Dream Bookbindery services! As Myriam said:

“The young tear; the old repair”.